hi, everyone! i'm kaylah and to whoever's reading this: i'm really glad you're here. my heart has been really super open this month (the irony of february) and i've finally come to terms with the fact that the time is now or never– if i'm gonna share these parts of me (have become quite skilled in keeping it all pretty far away from everyone), it's gotta be now! 

SO, with that being said, i'm using this blogging thing to keep whoever's interested up to speed on whatever's going on in my day-to-day life, current projects i'm working on, discussing/promoting other inspiring artists and work that i'm probably obsessing over, events and other fun stuff i'm involved in, etc.! it's gonna get personal and probably super sappy cuz that's just who i am (so if you're not with it, don't hate if you don't gotta, lol).  i really don't use any other platform of social media aside from instagram, so this will be the place to pick my brain if you wanna! the goal is to slowly ween myself back off of the instagram game because there's no real in between for me when it comes to being active on the app and not being active on the app. if i'm on it, i'm usually posting personal projects on the reg and yes there are a lot of moments where i catch myself falling down a rabbit hole of online shopping, crazing over random art, watching other people's stories or searching ridiculous ass memes. it feels more purposeful to put my detailed thoughts here instead of instagram because it feels a little more personal and exclusive to me and what i'm doing. nothing i'm saying is surrounded by other people and their stuff! also, it just feels nice to have a place to just put it all out there in the open, ya know? transparency is the ultimate goal here. anyway, it's hard to not be distracted or influenced by all the social media bull that has become our every day lives. still really working on the love-hate relationship i have with technology and all of its advancements. 

getting to the point here, I PROMISE!!! today of all days is the day that i decided would be a crazy/perfect/wild time to release into the world my too personal, ongoing project about me and all the people, places and things that have occurred in my life! all of which continue to contribute to the human being i am developing into as i type this. i have a title for the project that i'm not ready to release yet because there's still so much sense to be made of it all. this work has officially been deemed unavoidable and the past few years that i've been desperately trying to distance myself from these truths has reflected in my lack of consistency, showing up for myself and other people, and all around disconnect to those around me. i refuse to live that way any longer, and as i am still human, the least i can do is be ruthlessly honest about it and work to better myself. this is me doing that!!! i hope that sharing some of myself with you in the most authentic ways that i can will help connect a few dots and bridges in your own existence and path to true self love and awareness. below are a few things i've written to help you gain a better understanding of where i'm starting out with this project! check back periodically for more posts about the process of it all. and thanks for caring!

peace and luv, k 

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