:a documentary collection of photos, scribbled thoughts, some analog/digital composites + love letters to my daughter

portrait at 28 1/2 weeks

a place called turtle rock

lost but found doodles, nephrostomy tube, tegaderm + last day in sav kodak selfie

big and pregnant internet ad, oil slick, scratched transparencies 

your father naked in a texan field, shopping cart, trees upside down

us in a field we screamed so loudly in, grass is greener, criss cross

a portrait of your daddy in my hands, us smeared together, blue pen, mesh

a root uprooted in your daddy's lap, textured marble, colored transparencies

water defrosting on a handrail, curtains at my old bull street home, abstractions

an intimate screenshot, enlarged perforated lines 

my belly in an open field, scarf fabric, polka dots, scratched transparency

text message, graph paper, highlighter, pencil

textured paper, digitally rendered circles, photograph of soup, yellow tape

mesh screen, scrapbook paper, belly mirror selfie, sharpie on transparency

mirror selfie of belly, hyper saturated

digitally rendered shapes multiplied, collage paper 

digital drawing of nephrostomy tube/bag 

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